Heavy Metals and Brain Fog

If you experience brain fog, heavy metals may be the culprit. Heavy metals being very toxic, destroy energy production and badly affect your neurotransmission. When I say brain fog I mean poor concentration, poor focus, trouble remembering and a lack of clarity. Of course there can be other causes for brain fog, but heavy metals should be checked out. Heavy metals cause mitochondrial suppression, oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Heavy metals kill cerebellar neurons in the brain. They sap your bodies glutathione and increase the number of free radicals in your body. The free radicals then destroy brain tissue. The brain uses lots of energy. When heavy metals decrease mitochondrial function, the brain is hard hit and thus feels slow and foggy. 

  Any amounts of lead or mercury or bad, its just a matter of how bad. To determine if you have heavy metal toxicity you can take a pre and post challenge urine test. If you just take a urine test, all you see is what is coming out. You don’t know however what is stuck in your bones, tissues and fat. If you take a urine teat and than take a chelator like DMSA or EDTA and see what comes out after the challenge, you have an idea of what is stuck in your system If the pre and post urine test get the same results, that means there is nothing trapped in your body. If the post urine test comes back much higher, that means trouble. So take care of yourself. Your body will appreciate being rid of all those toxic metals. 

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