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Improve your digestion

Digestion is the key. People say "you are what you eat", however it would be more accurate to say "you are what you digest". Healthy digestion is essential for your health. Your digestion begins in your mouth, the better you chew your food, the easier it is on your stomach to digest the food. So chew your food well. After that the food makes it way through the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine all the way to the rectum. Your body creates digestive enzymes and gastric acid to further digest the small particles. Actually before you take your first bite of food, the body is already gearing up for digestion. When you smell food are see appetizing food this stimulates your body to get ready. Familiar with the expression "mouth watering". That is salivary glands being stimulated to produce saliva with digestive enzymes when you smell or see good food. The saliva contains enzymes to break down starches and sugars, which later on will be broken down more. Once broken down to glucose, it can be distributed into the bloodstream. Protein is digested in your stomach. Fats require the longest time to digest, thus they will remain in your stomach the longest. So there is a lot going on down there. It is therefore so important to take the time to chew well. More of the food will be utilized by your body and it will be less taxing on your digestive system. Another tip for digestion is to put the phone down, get the TV away and close the paper. Give your full focus to your food. Think about the taste and colors of what you'r eating. By preparing yourself mentally and focusing on what you'r eating, you will get those digestive enzymes out and your system up and running. If you are nervous take a few deep breaths and calm yourself before your eat. Eating on the run may sometimes be necessary and saves time, but is not ideal. So happy chow. Enjoy your next meal.

p.s. If you have leaky gut or other big digestion issues, you may want to check this out: Improve my Digestion

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